Finding our internal Compass

This is a subject that caught my attention very much late in life, and I would like to share my personal thoughts on it. I could say it was in my mid-forties when such an awareness occurred. I often wondered why was it necessary to find our Mojo or the Internal Compass in life; Some questions which flashed in my mind were

How did I reach here till now?

Was there a plan in whatever, I did or sought?

Why did my goal post keep changing?

Why am I seeking something different every time, I achieve some goal, and, am I really happy?

Is there something planned for me, or do I find my destiny?

Finding the inner meaning requires self-reflection and most importantly pressing the pause button of life. Often we procrastinate or postpone even doing our self-reflections and wait for a sunny day for that self-thought.

It is like pausing a video clip for analysis. An Analysis involving our assessment of some thoughts like:

why am I still in this whirlpool?

Is the speed of my life burning the tail?

Did I do enough for what I care?

And in the end the most important question: What are things which matter to me and I care?

Needs and goals change with life every time, reaching a new state of achieving and a wave of satisfaction and then....thereafter a spiraling quest for the next level of need. With every passing stage, a higher-level need is realized. That calls for a deeper quest into one's life needs and our innate ability to forecast those needs. It's easier said than done.

Our personality traits do undergo change with time but the change is gradual and we still hold a strong core all through our life with some basic traits born or acquired. These traits determine what direction our compass is pointing.

Simple language and business parlance calls this goal-setting at every stage of life. These goals add meaning and purpose to our different phases of lives. Happiness is derived when our personal and professional lives get aligned on this chiseled path of our own meaning and purpose, A directionless and tentative dividend merely causes friction and a continuous sense of void and disarray, when our lives are not rooted in the values we hold.

That's the importance of finding our values, goals, and purposes in our various phases of lives. It's not a philosophical connotation stated for a mere hype of conforming to a common trend and jargon, but a very practical way to lead a happy and meaningful life.

I hence want myself very closely bound and merged to my internal compass.!

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